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Pie? Why, yes we do!

Trying to get a business up and running when a crisis hits is challenging. We all have to remember why we wanted to start our business in the first place. My main goal in creating Lulu's Pie Shoppe over these past few years was and still is today to bring people pie. Why? Because it's such a basic thing.....people get hungry....they like pie. It's a comfort. It's a classic. It has been around for decades. To me pie draws a group of people together. Even if it's to wait in line at a gathering to ensure you get a piece. As humans we spend a lot of our time together in lines. Why not have something yummy at the end of that time? To me pie is a humbling experience. It's about taking basic ingredients that have been around for centuries and creating something that makes people happy and brings them comfort. My main goal in life has and always will be to bring people happiness. Whether it is my own family or strangers I meet along the way in my quest to be a business owner. To me it is not about the bottom line of making a profit (yes, it would be nice to make a profit - don't get me wrong) but it's about some of the basics in life....happiness and joy. Will pie cure world hunger - no. Will it cure homelessness - no. Will it cure a disease - no. Will it make someone who had a crappy day go "oh, wow, I needed that" - yes it does! To me each pie I make is me giving a little piece of my heart to the receiver. I'm an avid hugger and always have been - it runs in my blood. A pie from me is like a hug. It should surround you with comfort, should let you take a brief break from something crappy happening in your life and should give you a moment of peace. I may create over 400 pies in one month but don't be fooled by the number. I put the same care in #388 as I do in the first pie I make each month. That being said in a time when the world is going through a very rough time Lulu's Pie Shoppe is committed to not only providing extra safety measures we will continue to bring pie love to the world one pie at a time. We deliver - right to your door (if you're not too far) and we will still have our booth at the local farmers markets, with extra precautions, as long as we can. To ensure safety and well being we are taking orders on-line and will either deliver to you if you are in the area, arrange a pickup point in the area or you can pick up your treats at either Wolf Ranch Farmers Market on Saturdays until 1 or at Texas Farmers Market at Mueller on Sundays until 2. As always....PIE ON! Be safe my friends.

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