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Got Pie?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Just wrapped up my 3rd Farmers Market and I gotta say - WOW! Love the crowd that comes and the other vendors are superb. This market is definitely well run and well advertised. It is located in the parking lot of one of our outdoor malls so the foot traffic is fantastic. I baked off 20 mini pies, 3 galettes, 8 loaves of quick bread and 40 bakery sized cookies and brought home....NONE! It was great to see customers who have shopped with me before as well as all the new faces : ) I am starting a second market in a few weeks and am coming up with my baking plan for both - they will be on Saturdays and Sundays. Basically my weekdays will be filled of recipe planning, prepping and baking. I have reached out to my neighborhood regarding getting some taste testers because if my hubby and I keep testing new flavors we will not fit out the door! For Valentines Day I have started to add a cute little heart cutout to my pies and this has been a great seller. It is always good to incorporate holiday themes into baking.

Feeling pretty positive as I take this journey and I hope that others feel inspired to do the same. After all - you may have a great talent or a calling that you are not aware of. Next time you are out and about pick up a book on something you want to learn - be it a cookbook, a book on photography, sewing or crocheting or on languages and give it a whirl. You never how that one brave moment may change your life.

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