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Beautiful Morning!

I'm sitting on the patio this morning, enjoying a latte from one of my favorite mugs from a pie shop in Chicago - Bang Bang Pies. The mug is the perfect shape and reminds me of an old coffee house mug. The writing is simple at best - just reads !Bang! Bang Pie & Biscuits. This mug is what I go to on baking mornings. Which is just about every morning in my house. No better job than being able to do what you love. It's a little chilly outside, sorry Chicago family and friends, I do get chilly now when it's 64 degrees out. 64 IS chilly in Central Texas. I am sitting here writing this blog and hoping to keep it short and sweet as I realize (for the upteenth time) that I am truly blessed. Blessed to be here, blessed to be surrounded (both physically and by phone, text, email, etc) by those I love and care about, blessed to be able to do what I love and what I have a passion for and well....blessed to hear quietly the gentle snoring of my beloved german shephard mix Zeba who lays at my feet. In life we have so many worries - are we doing enough, are we making our mark, are we providing amptly, are we making a difference, are we healthy, are our loved ones healthy, do we have enough toilet paper, where are the clorox wipes, are these darned masks really necessary? Questions, questions, questions - they keep us up at night, haunt our waking hours as much as our dreams. I wish I could tell you, my dear readers, that life will go back to normal. And it will, we have bumps and curvy roads ahead but there will be a new normal down that windy road. Remember to stay strong, to stay safe and to do something today that you love. Pick up that phone and talk to someone you love - no, don't text only! Remember at times like this, when sometimes things seem bleakest - that there are still rainbows, there are still birds chirping, there is new life being born and this will all continue. Go outside tonight and spend some time looking at the stars, marvel in their beauty. When times are tough it's TIME for us to marvel at those things that we take for granted or have taken for granted. And lastly - BE and DO. Be present, be faithful, be honest and be loving. Do take time to smell the roses, do take time to tell someone you love them and do take time to look at those stars. I honestly appreciate each and every one of you. The picture is of our 13 year old Zeba.

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